Late Night Jazz Club

Late Night Jazz Club

‘The St Columb’s Hall Jazz Festival Club’ is staging Jam Sessions hosted by the Paul McIntyre ‘house band’. Running from 11.30pm until late on Saturday 29th April and on Sunday 30th April. All professional jazz musicians are welcome to come and participate with the ‘house band’. This is a follow-on from the legacy of golden days of jazz in the city when jazz musicians Gay McIntyre and Tommy McMenamin organised and performed at jazz clubs in venues such as the former Union Hall in Shipquay Place, The Britannia Hall, Society Street, The Lower Theatre in St Columb’s Hall(minor hall) and The Memorial Hall, Society Street, etc., all within or on the walls of the City.

The balcony room in St. Columb’s Hall holds a wealth of musical history nested in what can only be described as an idyllic setting. What a venue and  ambience for creating the perfect musical late-night atmosphere for the The Jazz Festival Club Jam Sessions

Tickets: £5 from 

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